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inverter reysan fx/vf/lx

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Product Detail Information
  Input voltage range: 380V ± 15%
     Output voltage range: zero to rated voltage input
     Output frequency: 0 ~ 400Hz
     Characteristic I / O Control
     4 digital inputs and one digital input pulse speed
     An analog input and an analog input 0 ~ 10V 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 20MA
     Two relay outputs
     An open collector transistor output or high speed pulse
     0.4 ~ 20Ma or 0 ~ 10V analog output
     RS485 serial input protocol Mdbas
     The main control functions
     Control mode V / F
     Load current: 60 seconds or 10 seconds, 180% and 150% over current current
     Speed ​​range: 1:100
     Frequency Carrier: 0.5kHz ~ 15.0kHz
     Reference speed: Who pad, analog input, HDI (high-speed pulse input), serial communication, multi-step speed, PLC and PID and even blending modes
     PID control function
     Simple PLC Function, 16-step speed control
     Traverse control function
     Time monitoring and control functions over
     Start at the beginning of the function to load the orbiting speed chase
     Chassis Panel Quick / Jog on program
     Function of voltage regulation (AVR) when the input voltage changes
     23 fault types, including low-voltage current and phase error, etc.